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Goldie cookies are packed with ingredients that are known to boost a Mummas milk supply, please see below for the full list of Goldie goodness, and don't forget to check the extra ingredients for each individual flavour.

Ingredients - Goldie Lactation Cookie Base: Oats, self-raising wholemeal flour, raw sugar, flaxseed meal, organic coconut oil, brewers yeast, himalayan salt and cinnamon.

Mint Dark Chocolate & Coconut

Organic Carob powder, organic cocoa butter, organic avocado oil, peppermint oil, sunflower lecithin and shredded coconut

Dark Orange Chocolate

Organic carob powder, organic cacao butter, organic avocado oil, orange oil, freeze dried mandarin and sunflower lecithin

White Chocolate & Rose Petal

Cacao butter, coconut milk powder, xylitol, organic protein powder, natural vanilla extract, sunflower lecithin and organic rose petal

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry

Cacao mass, xylitol, cacao butter, organic rooibos, sunflower lecithin and freeze dried raspberry

Chai Supreme & Cinnamon Sugar

Cacao mass, xylitol, cacao butter, organic rooibos, sunflower lecithin , cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, cloves and allspice

Allergens: All Goldie cookies contain gluten

What is Xylitol? Added sugar may be the single most unhealthy aspect of the modern diet.

For this reason, people have looked towards alternatives like Xylitol.


Xylitol looks and tastes like sugar, but has fewer calories and doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. It is extracted from natural cellulose materials such as birch trees, raspberry bushes, corn cobs, etc. which is then processed into Xylitol. Many studies suggest that it can improve dental health and have various other important benefits too.

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